cover band

meet the REASON II LIVE house band. they do covers:

An abridged list of things Smoothe Da Hustler and his cousin Trigga Da Gambler claim to be on that first song up there, Broken Language:
• your death threater, sender
• your gun reacher, bustin shot teacher
• your funeral service church preacher
• your black hearse coffin seeker
• the body polluter, the gat shooter
• the Brownsville wild Brooklyn trooper
• the cock D mountain mover
• the face basher, the mista brain smasher
• the ass waxer, the drug money stasher...
• the money stasher, gun blastin razor slasher
• the human asthma breath taker
• the glock cocker, block locker
• the shot popper, the jock cock glocker
• the face splitter, human disgrace getter
• the lady shitter, phone joneser, sneak over fuck your babysitter
• the chronic smokin, gun totin hearse initiator
• the crack supplier, the human drug generator
• the honey gamer, the chicken tricker
• the off of the dome rapper
• the c-74 ox carrier....

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