KRS One, And The Spook By The Door

It suddenly donned on me a couple of minutes ago, that pretty soon Black History month will coming to its yearly demise. All you have to do is blink and this month comes and goes like a basehead in a 'caine spot. By me being a black man with a voice, Daruffian felt the need to play his part and offer some commentary.
Now, I'm not going to beat you in the head with Black Historty facts that we all have learned ever since that first tear-full experience (for some of you!) when your parents left you in that mysterious place known as grade school for the first time. Once you got apapted to this place, you begin to realize a sudden change during the month of February. Changes like maybe your teacher opted to rock a Dasheki and Kufi instead of the traditional grade school garb. Or the traditional school snack may have changed from cookies, to slices of bean pie. No? You started to learn about important negroes such as Martin Luther King and Harriet Tubman. If you were real lucky, you were educated about cats like Garrett Morgan, inventor of the traffic light, Eli Witney who invented the cotton gin and Madame CJ Walker, Queen of the hair product game who was gettin cake way before Oprah and became the first black female millionaire in the Home of The Free. I however, recieved my lessons from a much deeper source. During grade school I also studied teachings from the black historian more known in hip-hop circles rather than Mcgraw-Hill.
The BlastMaster KRS One taught me about all these cats on the classic unofficial black history cut "You Must Learn" from Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip Hop. Over the years, all of the the shit they teach you in school becomes redundat to where basically its roughly 50 great negroes(maybe) who made significant contributions to American society according to this country's educational system. The things not mentioned are those induviduals, books or films who convey radical views. Encouragment for upliftment is usually always viewed as radical in the eyes on The Man. I finally got the chance to watch this movie last night which I had heard about for years, called The Spook Who sat By The Door written by this cat named Sam Greenlee, who also wrote the book by the same title which came out first.
Because I dont want to do the Siskel and Ebert thing to save everybody time and still drop a jewel, just go rent the damn thing! I can't quite understand why the hell this movie is labeled as a blaxploitation flick because its far from Supa Fly and The Mack. Herbie Hancock also did the soundtrack making this joint that much more enjoyable, adding to the appeal. Shout outs to Kim's Video for being a real movie rental joint and actually having a copy and Anika for putting up the rental fee!


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