madlads and misfits

The MadLads: I Want a Girl:

The Mad Lads are probably my favorite vocal group of all time.

The Misfits: We Are 138:

rumors surrounding the origin of whatever '138' means:
• it's a police code for homicide, rape, or grave robbing.
• the lyrics are inspired by George Lucas' first film, THX 1138.
• 138 is the highest The Misfits had come on "the charts" at the time.
• it's about sex (69 x 2 = 138)
• it's a secret code that the songwriter, Glenn Danzig, used as a child.
• it means nothing.
• 138 was a number displayed by a wind-up robot toy.
• the band decided 1:38 was a time to kill.
Danzig has commented on the different explanations that his former bandmates have offered publicly about the song: "They didn't write it and they don't know what the fuck its about. It's about violence."


Ethan said...

Any post about Danzig is a surefire blockbuster - let me pop the cherry on this bad boy!

daddy.long.legs said...

Them lads is mad.
Remind me of an old Black Ivory.