Reading Is Fundamental!

So just to give you an idea of what type of quirky and bizzare shit that will be covered on this here blog, I wanted to offer some reading material to help out with all the shit reading supposedly does in making you a well rounded individual, so they say. That's the beauty of the internet kid. On one hand its the ultimate exercise in Free Speech. On the other hand,you can find all sorts of material and websites that can get your ass under watch by the alphabet boys, you know CIA, FBI well you get the picture. I guess that kinda cancels out the whole freedom of speech thing ?
Our first book is one I saw awile back on some fucking program on T.V. Hit Man: A Technical Manual For Independent Contractors by Rex Feral .Turns out Rex wrote another book titled How To Rip Off A Drug Dealer. The next title is strictly one of survival I guess you could say. Prison Killing Techniques by Ralf Omar Dean Anyway, i just wanted to put these joints out there. If any body has read these joints please comment on them. All reading suggestions on here won't get you red flagged, just some! Peace!

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