That Dude Devin!

The Ruffian's been away for awhile, mainly doing what Ruffians do. You know, getting the fullest out of open bars, hanging out in seedy dim lit clubs and listening to good ass music while smoking funny cigarettes. Currently at the top of my playlist is Devin The Dude's latest installment, Waiting To InHale. Unfortunatley for those living on floors above and below me, they probably hate this joint because Devin is played a ridicously high decibels at my humble Brooklyn abode. Just like with the Spook post this is not a review, if you want that check the Bodega next week sometime. Consider this a PSA about all the dope music the Dude has been involved in since '94 as a member of Odd Squad.

here are a couple of tracks off the new album:

and a few videos:
Lacville '79
Nothin' To Roll With
Look What I Can Pull - Tony Montgomery skate video part

**BONUS** MP3 audio interview with the public radio show,The Sound Of Young America

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