Smooth Da Hustler

Okay. I know my blog pass should have been revoked a long time ago! But what can you do? This is my fucking blog! So this is like my return to the blogosphere. Not to take up too much of your time because i know you love when the mighty ruffian does a post. But i just wanted to randomly talk about kid Smoothe The Hustler's first album featuring this banger
I thought this joint was sleep on and i just found it again thanks to the world wide web. You can peep the video out above and download the joint here

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Moe Greene said...

The money stasher, gun blastin razor slasher

The human asthma breath taker
body dump waster

The glock cocker, block locker the rock chopper,

The shot popper, the jock cock glocker

The face splitter, human disgrace getter

The lady shitter, phone joneser
sneak over fuck your babysitter