You Niggas Don't Skate!

So, im fresh off another hangover after getting it in last night in the douchebag capital of the world, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Last night was Halloween, so the douchebag count was extremely high, almost high enough to classify the situation as an "epidemic.' Since I'm on the topic of douchebags, I gotta get on these kids who i see walking around carrying skateboards on that Lupe Fiasco shit. Growing up, kids who had skateboards actually rode them. Now i see cats using them as an accessory. Kinda like how bitches carry purses.
I don't skate, i tried it back in the 80's but i realized i just didn't have the balls (pause) to do it. So once I came to that conclusion, i became a spectator. The same goes for BMX's or any other shit that is now called "Xtreme Sports" and sponsored by Mountain Dew. So, this post is dedicated to the original Hardbody and Lower Eastside legend, the great Harold Hunter. Like i said i been following the skate scene and Harold became immortalized in the cult classic, KIDS. Dude is the reason for all you posing, all print hoodie wearing, I started skating at age 29, Deck carrying muthafuckas to wanna do the whack shit you do. All i'm saying is, peep the video and watch the kid who fathered your fantasy. Harold Hunter REST IN PEACE

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