genuine nerd toby radloff

above: COKE SONG (January 1989)

Classic Toby Radloff of THE EDDIE MARSHALL SHOW
late 80's public access television; eastside of Cleveland, OH

bonus** toby watches 2 girls 1 cup and almost pukes. then watches it again.


fast talk

fast rap aka gibberish rap in all of its indecipherable glory:
"rapid rapper" jason heath on the jenny jones show.
"fastest rapper ever" 658 nonsensical syllables in 20 seconds.
"fastest rapper" declaration of independence on thesteve harvey show.
"fastest rapper ever" uncle luke edition.
"fastest freestyle ever" too much bonethugz.
"JC001" the worlds fastest rapper.


Haitian Tupac

So over the holiday break, I got a chance to peep the movie Ghost Of Cite Soleil. I'll first start off by saying that i'm not a movie buff at all. I went to the movies three times in '07. I peeped Cocaine Cowboys, The Departed and Snakes On A Plane. I know what the millions of R2L fans are thinking, "Our beloved daruffian actually saw that whack shit?"
Yeah i did but here's the skinny. I saw it on a date. It also can be said, I no longer fuck wit the chick because we just "weren't compatible." I guess her wanting to see that whack ass movie should have been a red flag. Anyways, Ghost Of Cite Soleil is the most hardbody documentary I've seen to date.
First off, not to get on a soap box but if the U.S. wants to police the world, they could at least start in a place that's a 2 hour plane ride from Miami. Moving along, this joint follows two brothers, Tupac and Bily. These cats are two gang leaders in the gulliest hood in the world. To back track abit, its no secret that Haiti is gully. These kids are running the gulliest hood in Haiti to put shit in a proper prospective.
However they arent a gang like on sum Crips and blood shit. These cats are fighting for the cause, or so they believe. The illest shit was when the kid Tupac pulled up in a jeep bumping the unreleased version of 2Pac's joint "There Will Neva Be Peace." Oops! i almost slipped up. Just cause its '08 don't think i was gonna review this joint for you on some Siskel & Ebert shit. Peep the trailer then and go Netflix the shit. Thank me later. Oh yeah, now if you want to fuck wit a real movie buff check out Ziploc Moe's movie picks of the year over.



susan cadogan • hurt so good

plus... susan on top of the pops in 1975

classic talk television

Sista Souljah circa 1993
GG Allin on Geraldo circa 1989(?)
GG Allin on Springer circa 1991(?)
NYC Hardcore Kids on Donahue circa 1986
Dr. Khallid Muhammad on Donahue circa 1994
Paul Valentine on Sally Jesse Raphael circa 1988
Camille Paglia on Donahue circa 1992
Mind Control Groups on Geraldo circa 1989(?)
Muhammad Ali vs Mike Tyson on Arsenio circa 1989
Gary Holt circa mid 80's
Riley Martin on Springer circa 1995(?)

bonus** springer for governor tv spot circa 1980, in which he admits to paying a prostitute with a check!


steve martin used to be the shit

Fuck Bringing Down The House, The Pink Panther remakes, Shopgirl, Cheaper By The Dozen I and II, Father Of The Bride II, and pretty much every thing he's been in since 1994... but Steve Martin used to be the shit.

Rambling Guy
The Great Flydini
Billie Jean
Fit As A Fiddle feat. Gregory Hines
The Absent Minded Waiter
Keith Moon Hotel
Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Shit vs Shinola
Dave & Steve's Gay Vacation
Blue Shadows
Tonight You Belong To Me