Mr. 17.5?

This may be a dead issue to some and others, I’m sure, could care less, but is Mr. 17.5, a.k.a. Young Jizzle, a.k.a. Young Jeezy a fake drug dealer? The reason I state this could be a dead issue for some is because a year or so ago the late, great Pimp C was quoted in Ozone Magazine and was heard on a local Atlanta radio station calling certain rappers (Young Jeezy) out about quoting “fake dope prices.” All this nonsense or beef was squashed between the parties involved right away, but my question is this: Why is Jeezy still quoting these “fake dope prices.” Now I’m not one to doubt someone’s street cred (OK, maybe I am) because for all I know all the D-Boy posturing in his bio is legit and, hypothetically, he could have a connection somewhere other than where Pimp said he was getting these infamous, dirt cheap keys (Houston). I am aware of his ties to BMF, but I suspect his position in that organization was more puppet status than say, trapping. So where did dude get these mystical prices from? All I’m saying is that 17.5-a-key dope price sure sounds familiar to a Texas boy. Peep game:

Check Bun's Second Verse

-Birdies That Don't Chirp (Check the Chorus)

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